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artists of my home made comic books and NSFW art and I am a collector of Diecast cars.

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R-64's News

Posted by R-64 - 1 day ago

I know this is been to long but i been working for the past 7 weeks on the comic how ever i got 6 pages done and 4 to go so i can get it done.


Posted by R-64 - 10 days ago

right now i'm takeing some time off just to get some rest from working on my comic i will get back to work on it later on.

Posted by R-64 - 2 weeks ago

I knew i forgot to say this but a few days ago I deleted my Twitter account because something just came up in my personal life that i had to have to deal with also for the sake of my mental health,as a person with ADHD deficit hyperactivity disorder it it comes to my attention that i needed to to avoid drama from alogs and jerks on that hellish website twitter so I convert my main focus here on Newgrounds were i post my art and my web comic because youtube is out of the question because i don't wanna use it i like newgrounds because i just like getting my comic out for people to see,i'm not like chris chan who act like a jackass on the internet just to get attention or beg for money,I rather get my audience my own way and i just wanna have fun.

Posted by R-64 - 2 weeks ago

Eveything is come to gether now just a few steps and 10 pages to go on the comic.


Posted by R-64 - 1 month ago

I just had to put it together because i got 5 pages done for my comic and 7 to go and then color them.

Posted by R-64 - October 15th, 2019

Well...things just keep on blowing up in my face evey time i do something but i get back up and start all over that how my week has been.

Posted by R-64 - September 17th, 2019

Another up date to my web comic i got two page in the works right now and 6 to go, they will be done in time right now i'm on my 3 day break i will be back working on them soon.

Posted by R-64 - August 25th, 2019

Another long day of work but i must keep going to get the pages of my web comic done just a few more days and i'm almost their.

Posted by R-64 - August 14th, 2019

Lol! Showing scenes of sexy women doesn't make you a perv,Sex sells and it always has,

Sex has and will always sell. It doesn't mean that you're a perv.

Posted by R-64 - August 4th, 2019

Sorry that it took so long to make the new few pages they are here i'm gonna post them and some are on the way.